Safety and The Environment

Gas has been stored in underground salt caverns for many decades and it is a well proven, safe and secure method of storing gas.

The Gateway salt caverns and pipelines will be constructed using proven oil and gas technology.

To confirm the suitability of the salt, Gateway cored the complete rock formation in which the caverns will be constructed. Results confirmed that the permeability of the rock formation is very low and hence one of the best locations for UK gas storage.

The facility provides an additional degree of comfort for the local communities as the main gas store is 25 km (15 miles) offshore.

Gateway fully recognises the need to address any potential environmental issues associated with a project of this scale. Studies and consultations have been carried out by a number of experienced companies to provide confidence that all environmental issues are being adequately addressed.

Environmental impact assessments have been prepared for the offshore and onshore elements of the project. Both assessments conclude that with the proposed mitigation and monitoring systems in place, neither the offshore nor the onshore facilities will have a significant impact on the local environment.

Gateway will continue to consult with all interested parties throughout the development, construction and operations phases of the project, keeping local residents and businesses informed of progress and addressing any issues that may arise.

Gateway has and will continue to adhere to the highest standards of safety and maintenance during all phases of the project. Safety has been a key parameter during the design phase of the project, to ensure a safe environment for personnel involved in the construction and operations of the facility.
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