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UK Government gives green light to gateway offshore gas storage scheme in the Irish Sea

Gateway Storage Company has secured approval from the UK Government to construct its £600m 1.5billion cubic metre gas storage facility in the east Irish Sea.

The major project will be built in salt caverns approximately 750m beneath the surface of the seabed and located 15 miles offshore, south west of Barrow-in-Furness. The Gateway facility will be connected to the National Gas Grid via a new gas compression station adjacent to the existing Morecambe gas terminals at Barrow.

Gateway will add new capacity equal to approximately 30% of current UK storage capacity, sufficient to meet five days of Britain’s average gas demand.

George Grant, Director of Gateway Storage said: “We are delighted to have secured the government’s approval for this strategic project. Gateway will provide an important boost to the UK’s security and diversity of energy supplies. Given the increasing reliance on gas imports, and the risks associated with price volatility, Gateway will provide significant gas storage capacity with a high degree of service flexibility in support of energy firms; market operations.”

“A major focus for Gateway’s activities over the past two years has been on the technical, engineering and environmental aspects of the project, and so we are especially pleased to have secured swift approval from the Government supported by strong endorsements from the various national and local organisations who participated in the consenting process.”

Gateway is targeting commercial operation commencing in 2014.

Notes to Editors:

1. Gateway Storage ( has secured environmental approval from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Marine and Fisheries Agency under the auspices of Marine Works (EIA) Regulations 2007. The regulators are satisfied that Gateway’s Environmental Statement and supplementary information addresses all environmental issues relating to the project, subject to certain conditions being included in the relevant FEPA licences and CPA consents that are to be subsequently issued. Notices of the EIA approval have bee published in local and national newspapers. Full details of the EIA consent decision can be found at: and

2. Gateway Storage secured planning consent from Barrow Council, the local planning authority, for its onshore gas compression station and the associated onshore infrastructure in June 2008.

3. Gateway Storage is a company that has been formed to develop the proposed gas storage project and is managed by Stag Energy. Stag Energy ( is an independent company, headquartered in Edinburgh. The company, established in 2002, has extensive experience of managing the development, construction and operations of gas storage and power generation projects in the UK and overseas.

4. Storing gas in salt caverns enables firms to retrieve gas rapidly to cope with spikes in peak demand. The British Geological Survey, in a report commissioned by BERR, highlighted a number of offshore areas suitable for salt caverns, including the Irish Sea and the Southern North Sea. In its report, the BGS specifically noted that Gateway’s site was located in tone of the very best areas in the UK. Gas has been stored in salt caverns underground for many decades and is a well-proven, safe and secure method of securing gas.

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